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Virginia Beach, VA

Some of the best Virginia Beach movers Virginia Beach Va. has ever seen

We all go through the moving experience. Right, Virginia Beach? In fact, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, most Americans will move five or six times in their lives. Most of them will hire experienced movers to help with this thorny job. At Over Easy Movers, we are a full-service company with a very professional staff who will closely guide you through the moving process. We manage local and long-distance relocations with efficient procedures forged from years of experience. We will safely carry your household belongings or business assets, large and small items, from point A to B in a timely manner. We feel that giving you a quality moving experience will keep you coming back to us whenever you need our services. Also, positive word-of-mouth and online reviews encourage other people to check us out. We’ve built our moving company on quality customer service and affordable rates. Our moving services go out to movers in Virginia Beach, Newport News, and other parts of Virginia. Call us and we will set you up for an in-home inspection and free estimate.

Professional movers are seldom easy to find in many local movers whatever city you live in. Now Virginia Beach has the best of choices.

A successful moving company must have the right staff, a well-maintained fleet, and competitive rates. Our people come highly recommended. All are hard workers, some with many years of experience in this industry. All are trained in a well-defined moving process that gets the task done in first-rate efficiency. Our procedures are designed to relieve you of the extra stress that comes with a move.

To keep our reputation as top-rate Virginia Beach movers, we keep a well-maintained fleet of vehicles.

We have one of the country’s top-rated van lines in our moving fleet. Our team of mechanics keep their vehicles running well and looking clean. High grade oil ensures the engines run smoothly, and fresh tires keep the vehicles on the road throughout your move. Also, our people use state-of-the art diagnostic equipment to make sure all the internal workings are running smoothly and environmentally safe.

Over Easy Movers has competitive prices but we’re not nest of “cheap movers” in Virginia Beach. We are not one of the “cut-rate” moving companies Virginia Beach residents have to be careful to avoid.

We provide free and reliable in-home estimates and moving quotes that you can bank on. You will be given the full cost up front, based upon the details about the move that you provide. We don’t use a “hidden fees” system, like other less ethical companies who eek a few extra dollars from each customer. Over Easy Movers lets you know the cost of all its moving services up front. We are among the o movers old school movers in Virginia Beach, Va. When we give you a quote, you can trust it.

The best long distance moving companies in Virginia Beach will relocate your home or business from state to state if that is your goal.

The procedures for long distance moving are essentially the same as in a local move, except in planning the route. Our long-distance movers and drivers know what is needed for the longer movers. Their driving plans include all the cities they will pass through, taking into consideration road construction areas, rush hour traffic, and other possible hindrances. Our drivers are experts in managing the road conditions and a variety of terrains, from flatland to mountainous regions.

We employ some of the safest movers in Virginia Beach, Virginia when it comes to packing and moving your belongings.

One of the biggest worries a resident or business owner faces is finding someone who can get their stuff to point-B with no damage. Whether yours is a long distance or local move, packing procedures are pretty much the same. Your breakable things are carefully placed in boxes, packed with bubble paper or other soft-pad fillers to prevent damage. Then your boxes, appliances, and furniture are loaded onto the moving vehicles with space efficiency in mind. Special thick blankets are placed on and around furniture and appliances to avoid scrapes and dings en route. We try to ensure your possessions will arrive at their new home safely.

Over Easy Movers is a quality moving and storage provider for Virginia Beach.

When you move, sometimes you have a lot of extra stuff that won’t fit into your new place. Or, maybe, some of your old stuff doesn’t fit the scheme of your new house. We can provide convenient storage modules to accommodate you. We will deliver the number of units you need to the new place and set them up for you. These durable and secure units come in varying styles and will protect your stuff from the elements. Tell our staff what you need, and they will gladly show you the selection we have available.

Our piano movers are fit for the job some Virginia Beach residents will need.

Large and heavy items, like pianos, require a good eye as well as a solid musculature. We have movers with the skills needed to guide large, bulky things around corners and into the moving trucks without damaging the items or the walls. If you have a heavy item, tell our staff ahead of time, so they can have the right equipment ready for the great job. Whether it’s a grand piano or a 1600 pound safe, let us know. We will have the proper dollies and jacks to get the job done.

One of the best moving companies Virginia Beach can boast about with professional movers to do the job right

Over Easy Movers Virginia Beach is a relatively new full-service moving company in the area. We are building a positive reputation for our efficient moving process that provides customers with a positive experience. Those who hire us observe our professional and courteous staff, working hard to move the process along smoothly. With affordable rates and a top-notch team of movers, Over Easy Movers is establishing itself as a solid and reliable Virginia Beach business.