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Pittsburgh, PA

Over Easy is one of the newest companies in the area of Pittsburgh. We are on Craigslist, so long-distance and local movers in Pittsburgh can find us easily.

It takes a little more than a few strong men and a truck to start a moving company. Over Easy Movers hires friendly and professional movers with a focus on courteous customer service.  We are a new moving service in Pittsburgh, Pa. Our company is licensed and insured, serving this city, Bucks county, and the surrounding area. We manage both long distance and local moving – residential or commercial. Whatever the need or the distance, we will help you move.

Americans move to new homes multiple times in their lives, according to official surveys. We want to be the service that makes it happen for our locals. Reasonable rates and a service policy that focuses on customer needs and trust, these are key policies at Over Easy Movers. We are a licensed and insured Pittsburgh moving service that believes in family Christian values as the solid foundation for any business. We hire experienced movers who are well-versed in professional techniques and procedures of the moving process. They will make things run more smoothly and with comfortable stress free atmosphere as you move into your new home. Are you moving your office to a new place? We know that in business time is money. Our people will make things run more efficiently and timely to reduce the disruption to your business schedules.

Walk into our Over Easy Pittsburgh center and meet with a move coordinator and experience our quality customer service. We want our professionalism to make you feel comfortable. Ask the coordinator about our free in-home inspections. After all the details of your household are examined, you will be provided with a quote for our services. You will know all costs from the beginning. Also, you can also feel confident that your personal belongings or business assets will be handled by professionally trained staff. We will get your stuff from point A to point B. For a positive moving experience, bring your move to Over Easy. We will help you with everything

Our online reviews already show we are one of the best local moving companies Pittsburgh, Pa. residents have seen in a while

The men and women on our team work hard at each job to make sure it gets done well. Their personal initiative is a major asset in managing your moving event. Online movers’ reviews rate area movers on their expertise and customer friendly service. Over Easy Movers strives to give a 5-star performance to every customer. We are new to Pittsburgh, but our online reputation has started well.  We use our knowledge and understanding of professional procedure in the industry. Your stuff will be transported safely to your new location. Our staff of movers work hard at every job, meeting the needs of all our customers.

Over Easy hires friendly movers Pittsburgh residents want to manage their moving plans

We are one of the moving companies in Pittsburgh you can trust to keep your belongings safe.

We have managed the moving process for many homeowners in the Pittsburgh area and beyond. You can be sure our company knows how to make the moving process easier. We might be new to Pittsburgh, but with 15 locations around the country we have a lot of experience helping in the moving industry. When moving day comes, we want you to feel confident that our movers will handle your materials safely.

A number of movers in Pittsburgh, Pa. have benefitted from our professionalism as we move them through a professional process. Procedures are followed about the same way whether it’s a short move or a much longer distance. Our staff always carries sufficient packing supplies. They will assist with any incomplete packing when they arrive.  Also, they will provide you with helpful tips, and shortcuts they use to make the process more efficient. Things like porcelain or glass knick-knacks or other breakables are packed with soft filler to protect them. Boxes will be placed into the trucks to economize space. Appliances and furniture will be covered with special pads to avoid damage en route. Our experts will ensure your needs are fully met and all your stuff gets to the new place on time and in good shape.

Our expert movers manage business and residential moves. We handle each one with careful planning. Your belongings will be safely and securely moved. Whether you hire us for a quick local run across town, or a longer move from one city to another, or into another state, we will earn your trust.

The best long distance moving companies in Pittsburgh, Pa. keep their vehicles ready for the road

Well-maintained truck and van lines are essential to the life of a moving service.  We keep each one of our vehicles ready for the next job. Our 26 box trucks are made clean, road ready, and eco-friendly between moves.  High-grade computer technology is used to make routine diagnostic checks on all the internal electronics and emissions controls in our vehicles. Our team of mechanical experts make sure everything stays in compliance to regulations. They keep the oil and tires fresh. Our trucks are always safe when they roll off the parking lot.

Healthy competition keeps Pittsburgh moving company prices affordable for most budgets. But, beware of the “cheap” movers Pittsburgh’s resident movers should avoid.

These “cheap” movers in Pittsburgh, Pa. prey on the less experienced first-timers.

Pittsbugh, make sure you are hiring professional movers before you sign the service agreement papers. There are moving companies that use sleazy tricks to get your money. That’s why we emphasize that you do your homework before hiring anyone to carry your belongings.

At Over Easy Movers, the initial bid given to you by your move coordinator is solid. It won’t change on moving day. You will know how much our services will cost before the process begins. We don’t use hidden fees. Be careful of the “cut-rate” moving companies who will use unethical tactics to eek a few dollars from your account. Our rates are scaled according to the number of rooms in your present home, storage costs, or whatever other services you request.

Over Easy Movers long distance services will safely carry your belongings and assets across the state or across the country. Give a big Pittsburgh moving company yelp!

Customers need long distance movers  Pittsburgh Pa., experts that will go the extra miles.

How far from Pittsburgh are your moving plans taking you? Are you moving to Philadelphia? Or maybe your job has transferred you to Oklahoma or Texas. We’ve managed moves that took our customers out of the city or out of state. Procedures and plans are pretty much the same, except for the driving route. Our drivers know how to manage different weather conditions and terrains, but the entire moving route is planned carefully. A long-distance move, especially an interstate move, requires extra care in the planning phase than a local run across town. For example, our drivers have to plan for hazards that might slow them down. Things like road construction and rush hour have to be accounted for through multiple cities. Major agglomerations may lie in the planned route. These will be approached at various times and in different time zones. We want everything to move along efficiently so your belongings will get to their destination. If you’re long distance mover leaving Pittsburgh or the tri-state region, come to Over Easy Movers. We’ll make your move easier.

When time come to move your office or store, use one of the moving companies Pittsburgh business leaders trust with their assets.

Over Easy is a licensed and insured moving company that has managed residential and commercial moving. In either case, our task is delivering your stuff in good condition to their new destination. A residential is very similar to relocating a business, except there are fewer personal knick-knacks. Normally coffee mugs and family photos are taken away from employee’s desks before the movers arrive. We pack business computers and printers with the same care as we would use when moving your desktop PCs and other devices. If there’s specialized commercial equipment involved like a big printing press or a large computer mainframe, the customer should check with the producer. Something like these will require appropriate equipment and special techniques.

Professional movers Pittsburgh area students can depend upon to get them into the dorm

There’s always a new college semester to plan for when you’re a student or the parent of a student. Many students bound for Temple University or Penn State will need the help of professional moving services to get things moved from home to the dorm. Any moving event creates a heavy burden, but moving your kids away from home – well, it’s a little harder. Over Easy Movers can help ease some of that burden. We’ve been helping young people in other regions move into and out of their college residence for some time. Also, we offer the additional service of cleaning at the end of the semester when they vacate the dorms. Come to one of our moving centers near you. Talk with a coordinator and let them help get your son or daughter started in a new life.

Over Easy Movers is a Pittsburgh moving and storage company that offers quality and durable units.

When moving your belongings from point A to B, you always dig up more stuff than you thought you had. Some of this can be sold in a garage sale, donated, or thrown away. Some of it may have sentiment clinging to it; therefore, you must keep it.

Fortunately, Over Easy Movers offers both moving and storage services. Speak to your coordinator about getting one or two of our durable storage units in place. We can have them waiting for you at your new home. There’s a variety of models to select. Choose the color and model that suits you. All are secure against theft and offer great protection from the elements. Get everything prepared before moving day, and you won’ have to keep your stuff out in the rain.

Do you need professional piano movers Pittsburgh? Over Easy Movers has the strong backs for that job.

Piano moves are not part of the typical moving process. Uprights and especially the elegant grand pianos require special skills and equipment. Over Easy Movers can safely move your valuable instruments from your old home and into the new. We have people on staff with the steady eyes and strong backs needed. With professional patience, they will maneuver pianos or other large objects around corners down or up the stairs. With an in-home inspection before moving day, we will know what equipment will be needed for the job. Once your instrument is inside the truck, our cheap piano movers will pad and secure it for a safe trip. We guarantee it will be protected from damage until it safely reaches your new home.

Over Easy staffs its centers with the best movers in Pittsburgh. They will help guide your move – big Pittsburgh movers yelp!

We are one of the moving companies Pittsburgh Pa. has learned to trust.

Pittsburgh’s Christian movers call us for their moving needs. Over Easy’s key policies are about helping families meet their moving needs with honesty and mutual trust. Our main mission is to make your moving process easier. Our services are extended to residents in the Pittsburgh area and surrounding counties from our local center. A hard-working staff and competitive rates will win customer confidence. As you make the important moves in your family’s life, we hope to make Over Easy Movers your first choice. When you need a professional moving service, we are always ready to serve the Pittsburgh area. Go Steelers!