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Looking for the best moving company in Orlando? Over Easy Movers has 15 locations around the country, and we are still growing. We want to help all American movers – in Orlando or anywhere else.

There are many American movers. According to statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau, most Americans will relocate between 5 to 11 times or more in their lives. Over Easy is an Orlando, Fl. full-service moving company. We guarantee a great job and courteous service with our customers. Whether you’re moving in or near the Orlando area or leaving the city, we will make sure you have a positive experience. Give a big Orlando moving company yelp!

At Over Easy Movers, our professional movers focus on providing prompt courteous service while providing customers’ relocation needs. We are a full-service company with low costs on short or long-distance moving events for residential or business customers. Our help will provide you, the customer, with much needed stress relief that will help make your event a good one. We are proud to put ourselves forth as the company that will get its customers moving.

Over Easy Movers and its staff are licensed and insured for any type of moving event and across any distance. Short distances across Orlando, or longer runs across Florida or into other states are all handled with the same care. Our rates are competitive in the industry. In addition, our courteous customer service has become well-known. Some relocation services run on a two-guys-and-a-truck business plan. Over Easy sets a high-level standard of quality and professionalism for its employees. Furthermore, we believe communication between the customer and company staff is the key to a more stress-free event.

The moving experts that we hire have had years of experience working in the industry. The distance and type of moving event does not matter. Over Easy will relocate your possessions anywhere you want to go. Business assets are handled with the same professionalism as household items. We emphasize quality service to get you possessions from A to B safely. We provide a high level of guidance through each phase of the moving process. Our efficient procedures are designed to make the moving event easier for you and keep your things in as good a condition as when they left their old location. Our men and women work tirelessly for your satisfaction.

Our service rates are designed to be competitive in the industry and fit into most budgets. Be careful of the ultra-cheap “two-men” companies. Extremely low rates often provide very poor service. Always seek solid professionals. Check the online ratings and reviews of any company you consider hiring.

We are proud of the reputation we’ve already built. Over Easy Movers is a new service that works to build a good rapport with area residential and business customers.  We offer a positive and professional atmosphere, strong work ethic, and attention to customer needs. Visit our Orlando center and have a sit-down discussion with one of the moving coordinators. We give free in-home inspections and spot-on unchanging bids. We will start you moving today Orlando, anywhere you want to go, and get you there as fast as you need to.

We are one of the long-distance moving companies Orlando Fl. residents can trust for safe and reliable relocation.

Where are you moving to? Across town? Into another state? Wherever you’re going, we provide our customers with safe and reliable transportation. Our truck and van lines stay in top condition. You will want a moving service that can get the job done, whatever your destination might be. That includes, especially, good running vehicles. Our fleet remains road-ready because of an efficient team of mechanics. They work consistently keeping each truck or van cleaned and serviced between moves. Every vehicle is washed and made sparkling clean. The oil and tires are kept fresh. Internal diagnostics are run regularly, checking internal systems and emission controls. The fleet consists or 24-foot trucks, spacious enough to fit a household full of furniture and other belongings. Box trucks and vans are kept in good form for the smaller loads. Licensing and insurance documents are kept up to date. Each vehicle is fully compliant with federal and state regulations when it leaves the lot. You, the customer can be sure our truck and van lines stay in top condition.

Looking for a good moving service? Check our Orlando movers’ ratings and Orlando moving company reviews. We are pleased to have many satisfied customers.

Are you searching for reliable movers with rates that match your budget? A resource that is easy to find and use when researching possible candidate companies is online movers’ reviews. You can read about experiences from past customers. Then turn to the individual websites to research moving companies and learn more about their policies and how their rates compare to others in the industry.

Over Easy Movers proudly flaunts its reviews and ratings. Our past customers give a very positive big-picture view of the company. Our service quality and efficiency stand out from the local competition. Customers see the high standard of professionalism when they talk to their coordinators and begin the moving process. Then they observe the hard work of our moving crews on moving day. We use professional techniques, well-known in the industry. Household or office items are moved safely and quickly. Everything is placed into the trucks in such a way to avoid damage en route. Our business policies were created to guarantee courteous service to all customers which promotes a very positive moving experience.

Over Easy has the professional piano moving services Orlando music-lovers can trust

Large heavy items, like pianos, can complicate the moving process. Fortunately, Over Easy has people and equipment for such a job. We can move all types of pianos for you; whether it’s an upright or the expensive grand, our professional piano movers Orlando will use the patience required to maneuver it around corners or down stairs. Whether it’s a piano or a large safe, or other heavy item, we’ll get it moved to the new location. For a free in-home inspection, visit our Orlando location, and discuss the details of your large items with a coordinator. We’ll move your piano or other large items safely and efficiently with the right tools and skills.

Need extra storage space? Over Easy Movers offers storage models for cusotmers in Orlando.

Cleaning out the old accumulated junk from an attic or out of closets and basements is nobody’s preferred chore. But, that is a part of the moving process that needs to be done early. Many of the items you find can be thrown away. Others can be given away or sold through garage sales or a local flea market. A lot of the stuff will have some kind of value to you, sentimental or otherwise. The excess stuff you keep will have to be placed somewhere at your new place. If you don’t want to fill up closet or attic space again, then consider an alternate type of storage. Talk to your Over Easy coordinator about one of our storage modules.

Over Easy offers excellent moving and storage services. This is one way in which we extend quality assistance to our customers beyond moving day. Check the variety of storage models and color schemes. Find something that fits the motif of your new home or business location. Our storage facilities are safe and secure against theft, weather, and destructive vermin. These durable storage units will hold excess items securely for the long term. Talk to your coordinator if you think you will need storage units at your new place. He or she can arrange to have one or two units set up before moving day.

Over Easy is one of the best local moving companies Orlando can choose for long distance moving

Over Easy Movers is one of Orlando’s licensed and insured local and long distance moving companies. We have 15 centers in cities around the country, and all are fully compliant with the regulations of each city and state. Although our Orlando location is new, we’ve already helped several customers relocate to their new homes or place of business. We already have a string of satisfied customers who have benefitted from our professionalism. In addition to moving, we also offer a convenient packing service.  If you don’t have everything boxed up on moving day, our crew will assist with any last-minute packing you need. If you want us to do all the packing, we will gladly get your things boxed up quickly and safely for you. If you want a team of experts managing your event and transporting your belongings, then hire Over Easy Movers.

Over Easy is one of the best moving companies Orlando Fl. has for starting a new career.

Do you need a career change? With all the many choices available online, trying to select one can seem daunting. Check your opportunities in the multi-billion-dollar relocation industry. We are all about change. Starting pay can be as much as $15 per hour with the possibility of merit raises later. If you like helping people, find out more about job opportunities with Over Easy Movers. Don’t get yourself bogged down in the many career choices. Send a resume to one of our 15 centers around the country and get your new career started.

Over Easy staff work well with local movers in Orlando.

Keeping the customer informed is important in the relocation industry. At Over Easy Movers, our moving coordinators are trained to keep the customers informed and involved through each phase of the moving process. The lines of communication are open as the coordinator works with the rest of the staff to make sure everyone understands the needs and schedules of the customer. He or she keeps the system flowing smoothly, making sure the mechanics have the right size vehicle available on moving day. Also, our drivers plan their routes then discuss them with the coordinator so that you can be informed. On moving day, our people work directly with you the customer to complete any packing and getting everything loaded onto the truck then unloaded at the new location. Throughout the moving process, our crew keeps you in the loop of communication and activity. We want you to know that your belongings will arrive safely and on time at their new location.

Orlando long distance movers choose Over Easy to relocate across state lines.

Americans will move many times throughout their lives. Each person will have their own reasons, and their own time constraints. They may be going to an out-of-state college or transferring to a job in another city. In the Orlando area, Over Easy Movers wants to be your first choice of professional moving services. All events are different, and we handle them individually. With flawless customer service, our expert crews help meet the needs of each event. We will get your belongings or business assets to their new location in good time and in good condition. Competitive rates in the industry are a staple of our company and are set to benefit most budgets. Quality service and affordability: simple business strategies Over Easy depends upon to ensure your event is a positive experience.

Over Easy’s professional furniture movers handle Orlando’s sofas and tables with expert care

Home-owners like to keep their sofas, chairs, and tables looking good. Over Easy’s professional movers use simple but effective techniques, well-known in the industry, to move your belongings safely. They will place your furniture to avoid jostling and add special padding for an extra layer of protection from scuff marks or rips. Our procedures will get everything loaded correctly for safe transport. Our quality service package includes protecting your precious furniture and all other belongings thanks to modern packing supplies and well skilled staff. We can guarantee everything will be handled with professional care. When your furniture comes off the truck, each piece will be in as good a condition as they left.

Over Easy relocates student and apartment movers in Orlando Fl.

Whether you’re moving a household of stuff or a bunch of items from a singles apartment or dorm, relocating disrupts the normal routine of life. Moving creates its own kind of stress. Our customer service package includes making the job of moving easier for the customers. When moving into or out of an apartment or college dorm, there is usually a deadline. If you or one of our grown kids is a tenant of a small residence, come to our local moving center. We will help get the process started.

Orlando residents want affordable rates that offer them professional service

Beware of the “ultra-cheap” moving companies in Orlando Fl.

Can you afford a professional moving service? Realistically, some people don’t have the resources to hire a company with reasonable competitive rates. So, they might look on the internet for the bargain basement rates and sometimes find an ultra-cheap competitor. Unfortunately, they might get just what they pay for – low price often means poor service and, in the end, damaged property. Better to do it yourself than to hire a bad company, putting your belongings at risk. But, before you do your event DIY-style, check Over Easy Movers and find out if we can give you an affordable deal. We try to work with the customer to find a plan that is affordable to most budgets. Even with our low-cost service plan, we emphasize professionalism and quality customer courtesy.

Are you looking for cheap moving companies Orlando?

Be careful of services that operate on a two-men-and-a-truck concept. True professionals in the industry learn their best methods by working with other experienced individuals. Also, be careful of unethical tactics some shady “ultra-cheap” companies use to get a few more dollars from uninformed customers. For example, one favorite trick is the hidden fees. If a company tries to add extra charges that weren’t on the original agreement, you aren’t required to pay it, but if you refuse they sometimes find ways to delay your move. If you hire a company because it is the cheapest you can find, you may end up paying for more problems and stress.  In contrast, Over Easy rates are set to work with most budgets, and the bids provided by your coordinator won’t change on moving day. Everything we do is secured with our policy of customer service.

Do your homework on cheap movers in Orlando.

If a moving company charges a rate that seems unusually low, beware. There are a few jack-leg services out there that will happily take the money of uninformed customers then give poor or no service for it. Be ready to do some homework and to have your opinions swayed by the facts. Go to reliable sources to find out more and ask probing questions. Following a few simple tips can really help in finding the right moving service.

  • Is the company highly rated on a reliable online source?
  • Does the company have positive customer reviews?
  • Do the management and top workers have at least five years of experience in the relocation industry?
  • Is the company licensed and insured? Ask to see the appropriate documents to prove it.

Before you hire any moving service, be sure you know as much about them as you can find out. Check online resources like the area ratings and reviews. Talk to managers and workers. If you do the research, you might save yourself a lot of heartache later.

Over Easy has the long-distance movers Orlando Fl. needs for the long hauls.

Residential and business customers have their individual needs. Each person has his or her own reasons for relocating to a new place as well as their own needs and time schedules. We focus our business on fulfilling all those needs and meeting every deadline. In every event, we will get you to point-B in a timely manner. Our team of professionals works to make your moving process run more smoothly and with as little stress to you as possible. Our customer care is the best quality and our rates are reasonable and competitive. All our people are licensed and insured moving experts, giving you an extra layer of protection and confidence.

Our experienced drivers will transport your belongings to any overland location, between states or across national borders into Canada or Mexico. The drivers have the skills to manage any type of road condition, terrain, and weather. They rely on extensive research to plan their moving routes carefully to avoid a variety of hazards that might delay the move. Checking city and rural maps, they can decide the safest roads to take, avoiding road construction, rush hour, road closures and other obstructive conditions. The longer the trip, the more planning they require. All available resources are used, from physical maps to online information, to move on schedule according to your needs. Long or short distances, everyone at Over Easy will get your things moved in good time.

The moving companies Orlando residents prefer emphasize customer service.

At Over Easy Movers we place a high priority on customer service. Wikipedia says, “one good customer service experience can change the entire perception a customer holds toward an organization.” To extend that, one customer’s perception of a business influences the way another potential customer views that business. When we help with your move, we want you to walk away with a good feeling. From your first visit, we want you to see our professionalism and positive customer care. Our coordinators will deal with you on an honest and confident level. Your event will be managed efficiently whether it’s a long or short distance. We work everything according to your time schedule to make it more convenient.

If you need commercial moving companies, you should know Orlando Fl. businesses like Over Easy Movers.

As with anything else in the business world, a move requires efficient planning and timing. Whether moving office space to a new building or relocating a business to a new address, time loss means a loss of profits. Over Easy has experienced office movers. Our moving coordinators have the skill sets to work with business customers in planning and execution to make your event move as efficiently as possible. Their professional work flow will cut down on disruptions and time loss, so that our customers can get back to the business of making money.

Our business customers typically call on us when the offices need to be moved across town. We will have your desks, chairs, and other furnishings loaded onto the truck and begin transporting quickly. Delicate machines like computers and copiers are handled with the safest care. As things are loaded on the truck, they are surrounded by padding to ensure greater protection. We are well-known for our successful office moves. If you need a professional commercial moving service, Over Easy Movers will move your business assets easily to their new location.

Over Easy offers a positive moving experience to movers in Orlando Fl.

According to the U.S.  Census Bureau, more than 7 million Americans will relocate to another state each year. Also, each person is expected to move multiple times in his or her life. Over Easy Movers can help manage your moving event whether it’s a residential or office relocation. We have 15 locations around the country, each one prepared to take on your needs and make sure the process moves efficiently and smoothly for you. Your moving experience will be positive because we work courteously with our customers.  We will do most of the work and take on most of the stress. Our staff will handle small or large loads – whether your moving from a singles’ apartment or from a large house. We’ll get your job completed professionally and in a timely manner. You will have our guarantee your stuff will be transported safely and arrive in as good a condition as it left.

Visit our Orlando center and see the best movers. Big Orlando moving company yelp!

Compared to other moving companies we bring many advantages to the table. First our moving services policies are based in old-fashioned Christian principles. We expect hard work from our employees. Customers can expect integrity and honesty when dealing with our company. We are grateful that our customers have rated us highly and written some sterling reviews about us. We are a licensed and insured moving service. You will be provided a good price for your short or long-distance move. Our moving coordinators will consult with you about the details then give a solid moving quote. It’s our way of making your moving event smoother and more convenient.

Orlando, if you need to move today, we can help. We will help you have a positive experience on your moving day. Come into our Orlando moving center and see our convenient service policy and quality workmanship. Your move will be handled efficiently and safely. Nobody can guarantee an absolutely stress-free relocation plan, but we can help bear the burden through the entire process.

Do you plan to be one of the Do-It-Yourself Orlando movers, in Orlando Fl? Here’s a few tips you need to know.

It’s usually best to hire qualified moving professionals when you need to relocate to a new residence. But, that’s not possible for some family budgets even when a company has fair and competitive rates like ours. At Over Easy Movers we understand that. If you don’t have the money, better to do your move DIY-style than to hire a less than ethical jack-leg moving company.

For the people who must do it DIY, Over Easy has provided a few tips for you. One lesson that is very important to remember is NEVER PROCRASTINATE. Get things started as early as possible. Here are a few steps that individual movers tend to forget sometimes. They should be on your moving checklist and completed early in the process.

First – Cleaning out attics, basements, and closets is one of the chores nobody likes. You will find a lot of excess junk and several items that you want to keep. It may be a surprise to see how much stuff you’ve stored up over the years. Decide which items don’t have sentimental value attached to them and set those aside.

Second – After the cleaning, it’s time to suppress your inner-pack-rat and get rid of some of that excess. Some of it you can throw away or give it away. Some of it you can use for garage sales or flea markets. Price everything to sell. This is an easy way to get a little cash to pay for renting a moving truck and buying gas for the move.

Third – Start packing your household possessions as early in the process as possible. Start with things that you don’t use in your everyday routine, like family pictures or knick-knacks. If you can pack up a box or two every day, you may be surprised how quickly the boxes will add up. Extending the packing across several weeks can avoid a lot of stress.

Fourth – Many people also forget that the utilities need to be changed over to the new location before moving day. You can arrange to have your electricity and water turned off at the old location and switched to the new at a time most convenient to you.

Fifth – You must remember to have your mail sent to the new address. The United States Postal Service has standard change of address forms at any local post office. You can also go online to request them. They are easy to fill out. You can set the date to have your mail rerouted to your new location.

Include these items on your moving checklist to make your event work more easily. Any relocation professional knows that good planning and preparation will help make the difference between having an organized event or a chaotic scramble in getting it finished on-time.