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We are one of the newest full-service local and long distance Charlotte movers. We’ve hired the best movers in Charlotte NC to meet customers’ needs.

Americans relocate multiple times in their lives. So, a new full-service moving company has been a welcomed addition to the Charlotte, North Carolina business landscape. At Over Easy Movers, we base our moving services on competitive costs, and quality customer service. We employ professional movers who will assist you in every part of your moving process. They will manage your local or long-distance move with professional procedures and techniques. You can be assured your belongings will arrive safely at their new destination. Call or come by our company location in Charlotte. You can speak to a move coordinator and ask for a free in-home inspection and quote. Do you want a positive moving experience and professional guidance? Bring your move to Over Easy and we’ll get the process started.

The Charlotte movers’ reviews give high marks to Over Easy – competent staff, good rates, and courteous service.

Being a professional moving company is more than just carrying somebody else’s stuff across town. You must have a professional staff. Our people are focused on using organized procedures to safely transport large and small items safely from point-A to point-B. Sometimes the new destination can be a considerable distance. Over Easy has assembled an efficient staff from all around the Charlotte area to meet your needs. All of our people are trained and experienced self-starters who work hard at each job from start to finish.

Of all the moving companies Charlotte, NC –  Over Easy Movers hires the best Charlotte movers and packers. We know how you necessitate stress free athmosphere. We have everything needed for success.

We know the safest techniques in the business for guarding your stuff against damage en route.

Are you moving in North Carolina from Charlotte to Paw Creek? Or, maybe you’re going out of the state, from North Carolina to Texas. We want you to feel confident that your possessions will arrive safely. At Over Easy, have moved business assets to a new location and personal belongings to a new home many times. When we work for you, there will be a great team managing things.

Packing procedures are pretty much the same whatever kind of move it is business or residential. When our people first arrive at the old home or office, they will help you with any last-minute packing. They will be happy to not only assist but give you tips on the best way to get everything packed and labelled efficiently. Their techniques will help considerably when you have to unpack everything at the new location. Breakable items (i.e. china, glass) are packed with bubble wrap or some other type of soft material to prevent damage. Boxes, appliances, and furniture are placed in the trucks or vans to save space. Furniture, washing machines and other large things are protected with thick padding to avoid scrapes en route. Our professional movers will ensure everything gets done according to your schedule.

Charlotte movers know that you have to keep your vehicles running well.

Well-maintained van lines and moving trucks are essential to a quality moving service. Our mechanics keep the fleet clean and running smoothly between moves. Each vehicle is cleaned when it returns from a move. We routinely use diagnostic computers to check the internal electronics and emissions controls.  Before sending any vehicle out on a local or long-distance run, the oil is changed, tire pressure is checked, and the treads measured. We ensure that everything is road safe and environmentally friendly.

Be careful! We highly recommend you stay alarmed. There are “cheap” movers Charlotte, NC residents should stay away from.

Meaningless quotes and hidden fees are common tactics. The “cheap” moving companies using these want to eek out a few extra dollars from your account. There are many ethical moving services in North Carolina that don’t use tricks like that. Over Easy Movers is one of them. The quote given to you by our move coordinator is based upon details provided by you and/or the free in-home inspection. The initial bid is solid. From the beginning of you moving process, you know what the cost to you will be

Relocating across the state or across the country, Over Easy Movers’ long distance moving service will get your belongings to point-B in good time.

The most professional Charlotte movers will relocate your home or business wherever you want to go.

Procedures for local moving are managed pretty much the same way as long distance except in planning the driving route. At Over Easy Movers, we have a large number of Charlotte residential and business movers relocating to another city. When drivers plan their route they have to take several things into account. Hazards like road construction areas and rush hour traffic can lead to major driving delays. The entire route is planned for the most efficient timing to get your stuff to point-B in a good time. Our drivers are professionals, who can manage a variety of terrains, and conditions.

Is it time for a change in your office location? Hire one of the moving companies preferred by Charlotte, NC business leaders.

Moving business assets is about like moving residential belongings, except there’s usually fewer knick-knacks. Most employees will take their prized pictures and favorite drinking mugs off their desks before our movers arrive. Over Easy Movers Charlotte use the same professional care in moving computers, printers, and copy machines as we would refrigerators and washing machines. Large specialized commercial equipment should be dismantled and moved under supervision of the company or the manufacturer.

Over Easy Movers give more than quality service to local movers Charlotte. We also provide quality storage units.

Moving often means you will have excess stuff. Are lacking in enough space to store everything at your new home or office? Speak to the coordinator about getting one or two of our moving storage units. He or she will show you a variety of models, so you can find one to fit your personal needs. Each module is designed to withstand the elements and deter theft. We have different colors and sizes. Tell us before the moving date, and we can have your units waiting for you at the new location.

For piano movers, Charlotte needs workers strong bodies and steady skills.

Piano moving services is not your typical relocation experience. Professional piano movers are a valuable human resource in Charlotte. Whatever type of piano you have, this job requires a strong body and a good eye. Our people have to maneuver around corners and sometimes navigate stairs. Our in-home inspections will help us determine what kind of equipment will be needed to move your piano. Sizes can vary greatly with the upright pianos. The large grand pianos have to be handled differently, because of their shape and arrangement of components. Once the instrument is inside the truck, it will be secured in place for the trip. As one of Charlotte’s piano moving companies, we will use every resource to safeguard your instrument.

Being one of the best Charlotte movers, we provide all customers with quality and courteous service throughout the moving process

At Over Easy Movers, our goal is to provide you with a positive moving experience. We have affordable rates and top-notch moving team to fulfill you needs in the Charlotte, NC area. Over Easy Movers Charlotte want you to see a professional and hard-working staff making the move easier for you. Over Easy is the new service in town, and we want to be the residents first choice of Charlotte movers.